A Single Man – US (2009)

A Single Man – US (2009)

A Single Man is a 2009 American gay film directed by Tom Ford, starring Colin Firth (George) and Nicholas Hoult (Kenny), about George is unable to cope with his typical days after the sudden death of his boyfriend.

With a stellar cast of actors and actresses, Tom Ford’s movie “A Single Man” is one worthy of watching. When George Falconer (Colin Firth) gets the news that his gay lover Jim (Matthew Goode) has passed unexpectedly, his grief is overwhelming. The movie is set back in 1962 when gay rights were not even heard of. Their relationship was already in secret, but he was struggling with this closeted life that now ended before it began.

Falconer is an English professor. He has one good friend Charlie, played by Julianne More. Charlie loves him, but she knows that he is unable to love her in the way she wants. The movie is covering the span of one day, and it starts with George wanting to take his own life to cope with his grief. The day brings many people to the forefront that reminds him of how much he has to live for. However, there are also those people who remind him of why he wants to end it all.

The movie A Single Man is based off of the 1964 novel by Christopher Isherwood that has the same title as the movie. The film uses a great deal of symbolism and the metaphors are quite obvious throughout. To follow the emotional path that George is on, the color pallet of the screen also changes. Firth makes the movie and has an outstanding role. He is a bruised soul, but yet he exudes elegance about him.

A Single Man also allows small glimpses of his wit and even moments of his vulnerability. It is worthy of the Oscar nomination and a great deal of hype that surrounds it. The fact that George has spent his entire life hiding from the world makes him feel all alone. The movie does an excellent job depicting how closeted people felt in times past. When he comes to the place where he feels comfortable telling others about his point of view, he’s not even sure how or what parts of him to reveal.

Though Julianne Moore has a brief role as Charley, her role is not only fun but pivotal. Matthew Goode plays a great part as the passed lover, Jim. The flashbacks tell the love story and are given to the audience just as George remembers them. The fashion is top notch, as Daniels is known as a previous fashion designer to the stars. This film dares to put a gay or lesbian as the lead role, even though in today’s society it is more acceptable than ever.

There is something oddly stimulating about the love story between George and Jim, even though Jim is only in flash backs. The struggles that George deals with are nothing short of anyone who has lost a loved one and goes through the grieving process. It’s a tale that’s worth telling and showing how hiding from the lifestyle that he embraces causes more harm than good is a message that needs to be broadcast to the masses. It’s a spectacular gay film.



  • R.


  • 1 Hour 39 Minutes.


  • English.



  • Colin Firth – George,
  • Nicholas Hoult – Kenny.


  • Tom Ford.


  • Italy – 11 September 2009 (Venice Film Festival),
  • USA – 11 December 2009 (limited).


  • Fade to Black Productions,
  • Depth of Field,
  • Artina Films.


  • Weinstein Company, The (USA),
  • Icon Film Distribution (UK).


  • Academy Awards, USA 2010:
    Nominated – Oscar, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Colin Firth).
  • Golden Globes, USA 2010:
    Nominated – Golden Globe, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama (Colin Firth),
    Nominated – Golden Globe, Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture (Julianne Moore),
    Nominated – Golden Globe, Best Original Score – Motion Picture (Abel Korzeniowski).
  • GLAAD Media Awards 2010:
    Won – GLAAD Media Award, Outstanding Film (Wide Release).


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  • 7.6/10 – IMDB,
  • 85% – Rotten Tomatoes,
  • 4.5/5 (2) – Our Viewers.

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