Gay Film

Gay films have always touched hearts and reminded people of all the good and bad times in life. Gay drama movies have the most impact on an audience. With a drastic change in the mindset […]

Gay films have always touched hearts and reminded people of all the good and bad times in life. Gay drama movies have the most impact on an audience. With a drastic change in the mindset of people, there have been many mainstream gay movies which turned into blockbuster hits. Moreover, there have also been independent productions which turned into gay classics.

In fact, there have also been many comedies which made the audiences laugh and became great classics. Gay comedies are the foundation of gay cinema. A comedy gay film not only makes people life, but also delivers a social message to our society. Moreover, gay comedies also highlight the idiosyncrasies of a usually light hearted gay lifestyle. In recent years, there have been many gay comedies which are considered perfect and timeless. You can watch such movies anytime with anyone.

How Did The Change Come

If we go back to the beginning, we will have to talk about Douglas Sirk and Jean Cocteau. Both of these directors successfully managed to portray their gay storylines and create masterpieces. Even at that time, when a gay film just received negative criticism without a doubt, their movies were accepted by a larger audience. It will not be wrong to say that Jean Cocteau always spun fairy tales for an adult audience. His movies usually featured a hermaphrodite as a strong love interest in 1930s.

On the other hand, Douglas Sirk always offered melodramas. He used such movies to express his homosexuality and gave some of the best movies to cinema lovers. The best part about his gay movies was that the audience were never aware of his intent. It will be true to say that Jean Cocteau and Douglas Sirk laid the foundation for gay cinema. It is interesting that during their period, the word ‘gay’ meant nothing more than happy.

Gay fans of macabre were usually disappointed as there was not much gay cinema in this genre. However, in recent years, gay cinema has even found its way to macabre. Usually, gay storylines and horror genre share similar qualities. As a result, the relationship between gay movies and horror genre is quite strong and everlasting. Both gay storylines and horror genre are either surprising or exhilarating. They can either scare away people or attract even more crowds.

When we talk about horror genre and gay storylines together, it is worth mentioning Hitchcock’s Rope and Nightmare of Elm’s Street : Freddy’s revenge. Hitchcock’s Rope is simply about two men. Both of these men have created a strong bond and relationship as they love killing. They do not judge each other for who they are. Moreover, their lifestyle was portrayed as perfectly normal in the movie. In Freddy’s revenge, you won’t have to think much to realize the gay storyline and undertones. For a heads up, let us tell you that Nightmare of Elm’s Street : Freddy’s revenge shows a lot of naked shots.

This article will be incomplete if we don’t discuss the gay cinema of modern times. In recent years, our society has become substantially more tolerable and as a result, there have been a lot of gay movies and gay characters. Moreover, a gay film in present times aims to discuss realistic and truthful situations. Gay movies like Brokeback mountain and Philadelphia have offered an in-depth and intense look into the feelings of a gay when he is outcasted by the society. Such movies have been quite popular in recent years. Moreover, these movies have been rated high quality and made people wonder if they were even more beautiful than heterosexual romantic stories.

It does not matter if you are a gay or not, gay cinema is worth studying and watching. An interesting thing about gay cinema is that it teaches a lot to us about the gay psyche. There is no need to discriminate against a movie because it was made by a gay director or had gay characters. The main purpose of cinema is to evoke the right kind of emotions and entertain you. As long as a movie is able to solve this purpose, there is no need to discriminate against it on any ground.

Still Tough For Gay Actors

It is a tough time for gay actors as many face discrimination. Most studios spend millions of dollars on production and promotion. As a result, they don’t want to take any chances while working with that kind of money. Most producers and studios don’t want to compromise on any part of production or post-production. As a result, discrimination against gay actors is quite a common phenomenon.

Moreover, we live in the modern era where even an actor has to be answerable to authorities like producers, studios and public relations people. In fact, there are a lot of PR agents working at the same time on a movie. Most of these PR agents don’t allow any risk factor to affect their plans and strategies. The bottomline is that movie actors have to be inspirational for a majority of moviegoers in the society rather than a minority.

The worst part is that even some actors try to conceal their true self as they fear criticism. The sad thing is that this is how cinema works. Everything is just about appealing to a large number of people. We live in a complex society and there is a lot of money at stake. As a result, most studios prefer sticking to the common and traditional notions rather than trying to build something new on the basis of honesty. A lot of movies are released every week and it can be very difficult for a gay film to be released with such competition. As a result, something usual and appealing to a larger demographic is always preferred.

It is always better for gay films to be on the fringe. They work better that way and so do the actors. Moreover, it is getting even more easier to produce and distribute movies. As a result, we may see a lot of different and interesting gay stories in times to come.